The Different Elegant Hats for Women

  People have always been wearing hats for the longest time ever. Different hats tell of different stories. Some people are so addicted to hats that they have to wear them every time they are out; either as a fashion statement or just as a habit. Below are some of the popular hats ladies love to wear.

Ladies Fedora: Fedora s have significantly narrow brims compared to sun hats. To pull off a great look, wear your fedora with a floral dress and ankle boots. A pair of Shorts and crop top will also have you kill that look. Fedoras are among the most popular hats that will make you look more glamorous. Wear a coat that matches your fedora and you will look classic. You can also throw in your scarf to complement the fedora hat and shoes. Fedoras can be worn with almost anything; a pair of khaki pants, shorts, dresses, maxis etc.

  • Floppy Straw Hat: Floppy straw hats are a must for anyone who enjoys spending time around the pool or along a beach. The hat fits well on the head and has a wide curved brim that will protect you from the sun’s rays as you chill out beside the pool while enjoying your view. Wearing this will have you look fantastic as you avoid direct contact of ultra violet rays on your skin. Some floppy hats are decorated with pompoms which make them look cozy and more appealing to the eyes.
  • Beret: Berets are often made up of felt or wool. Berets look fancy when bent towards the edge of the eye when worn. There are numerous ways of wearing the beret to appear cool, but failing to wear it how it should be worn can make you look a little out of place. When rocking it, ensure that you wear it at a slight angle. The beret does not look great when worn straight. Twist it either to the left or right and ensure that the top of your face is partly covered. Once you have placed the hat on your head, hold the spike at the center of the beret and sink it in a bit on the side of your head. You can’t wear a beret with a ponytail. Always wear your hair down any time you have your beret hat on. You can rock your black beret with a gray midi skirt and a pair of black ankle boots. Dark red berets can also look good on you with dark red nail polish and dark red lip-stick. Berets keep you cozy and warm.
  • Top Hats: They were a common trend in the 19th century and are still being worn today, just not as much as back then. The cylindrical shape of the top hat does not look feminine. There are women who can however pull off that look and appear stunning.

Cocktail Hats: Their size makes them suitable to be worn during evening events. Wear a short cocktail dress and don’t forget your cocktail hat. You will look dazzling as you go for that party. If your cocktail hat and dress are of the same color, your stilettos should not necessarily be the same color. Have your stockings on for that bold look.

  • Boater Hat: They are also known as sailor hats. Boater hats have flat brims topped with flattened pill box-crown, and are always tied with a ribbon. The boater hat accessorizes summer dresses and gives girls that flattering look. Boaters especially look good on people who love vintage items. You can also wear your shorts and sleeveless top when wearing a boater hat.
  • Wedding Hat: The bigger the brim the better the wedding hat. When choosing the type of hat to wear, keep the day’s dress code in mind. Don’t wear a wedding hat that will block your color scheme. Women for centuries have always embraced the fashion of rocking hats during occasions like weddings. Sometimes wedding hats are substituted for fascinators. As long as your dress is gorgeous, your hat will always add the extra glam to your outfit. There are hundreds of wedding hats designs that are worn in stylish ways.

Bucket Hat: Bucket hats are often worn casually during uneventful days. Bucket hats can basically be worn with anything. You can wear your bucket hat with your sweatpants and sweatshirt or pair it with your long shirtdress, skirt or pair of jeans. Since bucket hats come in a variety of colors it is not difficult to decide which color to wear. To look a little stylish, wear a bucket hat that is the same color as your sneakers. This will add a little elegance in your casual look.

  • Panama Hat: Original panama hats are made in Ecuador and not Panama as many may presume. The brim of Panama hats is hand made from straw-like material. A typical panama hat has a black band all round the hat. You can wear your Panama hat with a stripped skirt and top. The Panama hat can be worn throughout summer and spring.
  • Cowboy Hat: Cow boy hats are cool. They have always been in fashion and are loved by both men and women. To look chic while wearing a cowboy hat, pair it with a long maxi dress or a flowy low-cut top. The typical way of wearing this type of hat is usually with a pair of jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. This has been the look throughout the years, but sometimes gets monotonous. Wear your cowboy hat however you like, and pair it with your favorite shoes in your closet.

Whether you are going for a family event or just to get basic items from the store, the type of hat you wear can tell a lot about you. While it is fun to wear hats, one needs to be careful with how they store and clean them. A hat is not like a shirt that you will keep washing every now and then. Common sense dictates that you take proper care of your hats as this will also ensure that it is not prone to damage. Some hats don’t come cheap, and keeping them carelessly will cost you a lot.

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