How to Grow your Fashion Business into a Success

  You still remember the thrill you experienced when you received the test print of your first design. You couldn’t believe you were staring at your creation. A design you came up with. It was finally real, this dream you had held inside you for so long.

It’s now been a few months, maybe a year or two, of busyness: Coming up with new designs, coordinating the teams that are working on your brand, liaising with the people you’ve outsourced the manufacture to, marketing your products, it’s all very busy.

But you feel like you’ve stayed in this same place a long time without seeing the fast growth and success you imagined. Granted, setting up a business is a lot of hard work. It also takes a lot of dedication, determination and unwavering focus to keep going even when things aren’t promising. So, you’ve done well for yourself.

But we’re going to give you a few tips on how to scale your business steadily while ensuring that it is a success. Success in this case will mean it’s bringing in good profit, expanding and retaining a growing number of loyal customers, and becoming a top quality brand. Let’s begin.

  1. Aim for Quality, Nothing Less

Everything about your brand should be of unquestionable quality. It might mean spending a little extra on the materials, and that’s okay because the product will sell itself. When you first thought of the business, you had a clear image of what your products would look like. Now, reimagine this same image? Is it the best version you could ever come up with?

Are there things you could change that would make your brand abadge ofexcellence, perfection or whatever else you want the brand to be known for? This is what gets the customer’s attention. The best fashion brands, not necessarily the biggest or most expensive, have mastered this art. It is what differentiates great businesses from average and good enough ones.

  1. Be the Best at what you Offer

You have your motivation for wanting to set up a fashion brand. And it’s probably based on the fact that you believed you could offer something that no one else was offering. This is your unique selling point (USP) and should empower you to turn your business into a fierce brand. Insert whatever it is you’ve purposed to offer that is not found anywhere else.

  • Understand that when you compromise on this one aspect of the business, it stops being distinctive.

Under no circumstances should you change this into something else because then the brand stops being what your customers first bought into. It becomes something different, one they may not identify with.

  • On the same point, never water down the quality of your product to cut costs:

If you marketed yourself as the only apparel brand that offers real quail feathers in its hats, don’t drop the quail feathers after a while and start using faux feathers because they are cheaper or more easily available. And this brings us to the third important sub-point.

  • Before deciding to focus on a specialist product, do your market research and ascertain that the idea is viable:

Market research is costly but it is worth every dollar spent. Most of all, it protects you from investing heavily in an idea that is doomed to fail from the onset. Thereafter, come up with a killer business plan that will propel your new fashion brand into a success.

  • Aim to exceed the expectations of your first customers and they will keep coming back.

These will become your best promoters. As much as a dedicated digital marketing spend may get you the publicity you need, word of mouth referrals can be more powerful as they originate from a place of trust.

So and so knows J’s friend, the one who has the dope stuff from that new brand.

These two folks who know someone who knows someone else who is friends with your customer are more likely to buy from you than random people who see your ads while scrolling their newsfeed are.

You don’t get this level of connection and trust on social media or website connections. And in the fashion industry, it counts more in making your business a first-class specialty brand.

  1. Show off your Creations

Don’t hold back from showing off your designs. Use models for this and it will make your business look more professional.

  1. Leverage the Power of Good Photography

Fashion and visuals go hand in hand. The first cannot exist without the second. Good photography portrays your designs in the best light and will boost people’s perception of your brand. A professional photographer knows how to use focus, lighting, angles and other properties to get a specific look.

Proudly showcase these on your website, collections gallery, social media posts and ad banners.

You’ll be surprised by the number of new fans a.k.a potential customers this incredible photo work brings your way.

  1. Produce limited reruns of your best works

Every designer and every brand has a collection or design that does/did better than all others. You may be lucky to have a few of those. What happens is there will be customers who ask whether they can get those specific items, even though you no longer produce the item. Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Say that line is discontinued.
  • Say you’re out of stock and could you show them something similar they might like?
  • Give any other reason for not being in a position to sell that particular item to them.

It doesn’t matter how sweet and apologetic you are. Here is what to tell them instead:

  • You will have the items delivered to them in 123-whatever days.
  • Offer them a free accessory to match as a thank you gift for trusting you to meet their style requirements.

Now, this gift is, in reality, a bribe for what you need to do next, which is get to work and immediately order a rerun of this coveted item – for those customers and others like them who will come looking for it too.

Building a successful fashion brand may not happen overnight, but when it does, the rewards are sweet. You’ll be glad you took the time to fine tune your product into a true masterpiece that is hard to compete with.

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