Five Outfits You Can Pair With Your Shirtdress

  You probably don’t pay much attention to how you dress; as long as you’re decent and comfortable, you are good to go. Most of us don’t take a look at how we match the clothes we wear.  Jeans and a top are the go to outfits for casual settings. When wearing dresses, we don’t take time to look at accessories in our closets that may rejuvenate our dresses. Shirtdresses may perhaps look too boring for your liking; but did you know that depending on what you pair your dress top with, you may move from a bland look to a revamped look within a minute? The following outfits will help you achieve that classy look when you pair them with your shirtdress.

Tights/Leggings: Tights and leggings always save the day. A white buttoned down shirtdress together with your black leggings and a pair of sneakers will make you look stylish when you go to a sporting event like the Super bowl or a basketball game. You don’t have to stick with black tights though, wear any pair of colorful leggings you can get with your shirtdress and you will have that happy comfortable feeling throughout the day. You can also add your scarf, if the scarf’s color matches your tights. Leggings are always a little thicker than tights, and will keep you warm during the cold season. If you don’t have either leggings or tights, knee high socks can be an alternative.

The Belt: While this is not an outfit on its own, throwing in the belt when your rock your shirtdress will immensely improve your looks. You can use a large brown leather belt on your plain shirtdress to have that sassy look. The belt will divide your shirtdress into two, therefore scrapping off the baggy look. Tiny belts will also give a strong fashion statement. If you love accessories, wear colorful giant necklaces. The necklace will go a long way in improving your looks. Have big sized bangles on your wrist too. Wear belts with a big buckle for a casual look, and go for more slim belts for official looks. Wear your belt just above the waist to accentuate your bust area and make your legs look long. The belt will also hide any belly fat that you wouldn’t want seen.

Jackets: Jackets, especially denim jackets, go well with everything. You can never go wrong if you pair your denim jacket with your buttoned down shirtdress. The jean jacket is a perfect match for your shirtdress, and will make you feel all the good vibes. You can rock a sleeveless denim jacket during warm days, and the outfit will have you look like a million bucks. You can also experiment with the sleeves of your denim jacket. Fold them a bit for a different look. Black and blue denim jackets are always a good match. Substitute with rugged jean jackets once in a while. Leather jackets are a must in your wardrobe. You can always have your leather jacket on top of your shirtdress before you step out, and trust me the outfit will feel so different. Jackets spice up plain looks and make one look swanky.

Shorts: Since the long buttoned down shirtdress is long enough to be a dress, you can rock it on its own. If you however think that stepping outside with just that and nothing beneath will have you feel underdressed, wear your pair of booty shorts or any jean shorts you have. The shorts you wear may show at the bottom depending on their length. Khaki shorts are also a great match.

Skinny Jeans: One great thing about skinny jeans is that they remain trendy year in year out. You can put on your skinny jeans and have anything you wish at the top; this includes shirtdresses. Comfortably wear your long shirtdress with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and have flat shoes on your feet. Everyone I know of owns a couple pairs of skinny jeans, and they always look great when worn with both baggy shirts and dress-tops. You can fold your skinny jeans along the hem to make your feet more noticeable.  A white or ivory shirtdress will help you achieve that classic look that is appropriate for both a casual office meeting and outdoor afternoon event.

Long Cardigans: Get yourself a number of long light cardigans to rock with your long shirt. A plain gray cardigan will match well with a checked shirt dress. Have your leather boots on your feet. Ensure your cardigan is longer than the shirtdress. If you want to add a pair of pants for your outfit of the day, tuck in your shirtdress in your pants to avoid a bulky look.

Skater Skirts and Midi Skirts; For a hip look, make a small knot with your shirtdress at the hem and wear a tiny skirt. This will make you look fresh and flashy. The circular design of skater skirts will give your tucked in top enough room to make you feel comfortable as you move around. Ensure your skater skirt is long enough, so that the dress-top won’t show around the hemline when you bend. For a glamorous look, add a pair of ankle boots as your footwear. Some feel like midi skirts have an awkward length, but the secret is in what to pair it with. A bright yellow shirtdress will blend in a midi skirt of any shade. Just know which fabric to wear on which day.

Selecting the best clothing to wear for that ultimate look requires a little of a fashionista eye. While shirtdresses may look too flat for a formal occasion, they look just fine for an everyday wear. As mentioned earlier, the trick is in pairing. What do you pair with to kill that boring look? Shirtdresses can be worn on both official and casual occasions. Vertically stripped shirtdresses are great if you want t o feel less plump. For the lovers of heels, don’t add excess layers of outfits as this will overshadow the good shoes you have. Different seasons require us to change our wardrobes. The shirtdress can be worn in all seasons, be careful not to overdress though.

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