Different Types of Semilac Accessories for Manicure

What is Manicure?

It is a cosmetic beauty treatment for nails and hands that requires few Accesorios manicura to perform the procedure of filing, shaping, cuticle removal and pushing, using various liquids that are high quality made and ease the task of cleaning the nails and keep them natural without affecting their outer appearance. When heard about manicure one gets remind about the Semilac brand that also includes semi-permanent enamels and brushes to ease the process of a manicure. If you are looking to buy the Semilac products then you must check their website Gel uñas semipermanente that will let you know what the different types of accessories that are essential to enhance the look of your nails and make them durable are.

Different Types of Similac Accessories:

The molds serve as an important accessory when following the process of manicure.The semi-permanent builders and the base gel with top make the nail look perfect.For beginners try with universal square and oval shape, and the other forms include almond or stiletto shapes. Choose the one that suits your hands and nails to make you feel comfortable.However the applicant needs to follow some construction and lengthening methods for getting perfect semi-permanent nails.

  1. First tint the nail plate and degrease it with Nail Cleaner solution.
  2. Then apply aslim mold or Semi Hardi Shaper Wide on your nail.
  3. Then apply a very thin layer of base and dry it using LED or UV lamp.
  4. Then apply a layer of 5mm Semi Hardi product and dry it on UV lamp.
  5. Now remove the mold fixed on the nail to file and shape it in your desired shape. At last degrease using Nail Cleaner solution or apply some cuticle oil to remove it.
  6. If you are using Semi Hard Clear (transparent) then need to apply two layers of color and dry each one under the lamp and at last finish the manicure with Top. If you are using Semi Hardi Milk then directly apply Top on your nail.

Constructores semipermanentes

List ofSemilac Accessories:

  • Liquid dispenser with pump: It is ideal for dosing your liquids like Nail Cleaner or Acetone.
  • Semilac aprons: To take care of yourself while working on a manicure. Make sure your apron is waterproof.
  • Manicure bowl: It can be used for treatments and nail baths.
  • Orange sticks: They are the most effective hygienic solution to remove cuticles without damaging your natural nail.
  • Soft armrests: Towels available in various colors to protect your workplace.
  • Silicone brushes: They are multipurpose and don’t affect the applicators. They are helpful to decorate or push the cuticles.
  • Semilac Art Holder: It is round glass accessory that is used to mix the enamels and create mixtures if chosen different colors for new and incomparable decorations.


Buy these above-listed accessories that are offered by Similac, as its products are high quality made and durable and also stands to be one of the leading suppliers of manicure products at affordable price. Feel comfortable while using them at your own home or work station. Get your nails enameled for the perfect look!