Accessories To Rock For A Formal Occasion

  When dressing for formal occasions, we are always reminded not to be too extra with our outfits and accessories. Official outfits you wear to the office will of course be different from the casual wear you put on during the weekends or when going out. When not in the office, we tend to spice up our outfits as much as we can. We wear bold colors and rock all manner of accessories. Some companies do not allow a lot of accessories in their dress code. This does not however mean that your official outfits should look plain or bland. There are a few additions you can have in your formal or official outfits to make you look artistic and still classy for the office. The following are ways in which you can accessorize your official outfit, to stay more elegant.

Have A Bracelet Watch: There is nothing as cute on your wrist as a timepiece. Watches are worn to enable the wearer keep time, but also add an aesthetic value to your whole look. The thing with watches is that once you start wearing one, you can never leave the house without. It feels as if you have left a part of you at home when you leave the house without wearing the watch. I personally have a tight attachment with my watch, and will remain sort of unsettled on any day that I go on my usual routine without my having it on. Bracelet watches look good on both men and women. They are neither too dull nor too sassy. A gold bracelet watch will look great on you if you choose nude pumps or brown boots for your footwear.

Wear Dangle Earrings: A pair of large dangle earrings will always make a statement about you. I love how they steal the limelight when worn with plain outfits. There are different types of dangle earrings that can be worn to the office or in formal settings. Avoid rocking dangle earrings that make some noise whenever you’re in motion. They can become a distraction and this is not what you are looking for. Small bangle earrings are another type of earrings that are appropriate for formal occasions. Just ensure that the outfit you wear does not look too odd to be paired by the earrings.

  • Apply Neutral Make-Up: It is almost impossible for some of us to leave the house without make-up on. A little foundation has to be applied for one to gain the confidence of walking comfortably on the streets. Too much mascara, bold or shiny lipstick and too many fake eye lashes don’t look professional. Do the bare minimum when it comes to make-up meant for the office. Move away from screaming colors and try to embrace more nude colors.
  • Rock Necklaces: Necklaces make the neck stand out, and complement the blouse you are wearing. Only go for the larger-than-life necklaces if you plan on not wearing bold accessories on that day. A simple chain necklace is okay for formal events. Less is more. Wear the slim necklace to your office meeting, the boardroom or even to your boss’ office and you will feel stylish and charming.
  • Put On Your Studs: Studs are simple yet they manage to draw attention even from across the room. Ladies can wear studs in place of long earrings and will still look good. Men on the other hand tend to look a little informal when they pair their studs with a suit. If you have more than three piercings on each ear, avoid wearing studs on every piercing. Too many piercings are okay for a night out look, but don’t look professional, especially if you work in a company with a conservative dressing policy.

Wear Rings: They sometimes go unnoticed especially when you have other types of bold jewelry on you. Rings can be worn on formal occasion and they will have your finger glitter for all. Almost all rings are appropriate for formal occasions. Whether you go for silver or gold, ensure that the ring you rock fits your finger well. Loose rings don’t look cute. Wearing numerous rings on one finger may look appealing, just not around the office space.

  • Apply Nail Polish: When going for nail polish you want to want to apply to a formal occasion, always stick with nail polish that is the least bright. Clear nail polish will have you look executive and not just like the girl next door. This also applies to the lipstick you wear. If clear nail polish feels too boring for you, there is always a bunch of neutral colors to choose from. Don’t be too extreme with your nail polish. Chipped nails are a turn off. Always maintain your nails. Go for manicure and always ensure that your nails look attractive even without nail polish on.
  • Put On Your Pearls: Ladies love their pearls and sometimes want to wear all of them at once. Whether pearl earrings, pearl necklaces or bracelets, ladies are always happy when they wear them. For formal occasions, avoid wearing your pearl necklace and pearl bracelet at the same time. This look is too much for a formal setting. Pearl earrings can be worn from 9-5 and one will not feel any weight on their ears. Know which shapes of pearls complement your ears and wear them in a sophisticated manner. Some professions don’t allow large jewelry. If you work in such fields then studs are your to go every day look. You can always wear your pearls when you are off duty.

When choosing on what to accessorize to your formal outfit of the day, always try to focus on one or two things. If you are wearing a necklace, a wrist watch is the only other thing that will help you balance out your look. Don’t wear big bangles with big necklaces and big earrings to the office; add weekend make-up to that and you will totally look unprofessional. If you choose to wear a ring that matches your earring, don’t also add a bracelet and necklace or even an anklet. Try to stay classy and also have that professional look. First impressions really matter, and a stranger may decide to judge you based on your wardrobe. The accessories and jewelry you wear tell a lot about your personality.

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